Let Us Sing in Harmony this Christmas

Merry Christmas to you!

My deep Christmas wish is the same one expressed in the spring this year through the website Harmony In Church, a resource created to help Christians live together in harmony when we disagree on some things. Perhaps you remember that effort.

When I looked back at Christmas reflections from years past, I discovered this was no new concept for me. In 2011 I spoke in this way:

Singing at Christmas brings healing and reconciliation to us all because, during Advent and Christmastide, at least, it is expected that the church will sing in harmony and we all enjoy our different parts…So, then, my Christmas wish is that this willingness to join in the harmonies of our favorite carols would last throughout the church year. Can my Christmas present be our seeing that there is a way between unison and conflict — that is harmony?

Although so much has changed in the past few years, tensions still run high in both the church and the world. The question remains this Christmas, 2015: how can we extend our singing in harmony with our different voices and contributions working together for good—for the ushering in of Jesus beloved community—beyond this Christmas season?

Let’s join in the proclaiming of “Joy to the World” and then work to make it so in all the days that follow. Harmony In Church is there to help you do that. Check it out!

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