Reflections on Scripture, faith, & LGBT acceptance in the church and beyond.

    Building Gracious Space in the PCUSA: Getting to Wonder

    As presbyteries continue to discuss marriage and Amendment 14F, the outline of God’s will for us together as church in the 21st century begins to take shape. I previously wrote about the experience of meeting with Marc Benton and the lessons forgiveness, and weeping, can teach us about building a gracious space. In the weeks ...
    Rev Janet Edwards

    Building Gracious Space in the PCUSA: Trust through Kindness

    How the Presbyterian Church (USA) can find common ground and a space for gracious conversation continues to occupy my thoughts and imagination. In my latest post for More Light Presbyterians, I recount lessons learned from the movement to ordain women and the Kenyon case – forgotten history, perhaps, for some, but a vivid memory for ...